Social media and the internet have made it easier to spread false information. It has become a pressing concern, making the need for media literacy more important than ever. Individuals must develop the ability to critically analyze and evaluate the information presented in various forms of media, including news articles,Continue Reading

Aurora, ON (CNW) Fibre internet service provider, telMAX announced today the connection of their inaugural customer to Canada’s fastest internet service in the Town of Aurora.  telMAX, a locally based company headquartered in York Region, proudly serves the communities of Brooklin, Stouffville, Newmarket and now Aurora, offering a comprehensive suite of Internet, TV, Streaming, and Home Phone Solutions. InContinue Reading

Paint word pictures that let the customer experience the benefits. “Wake up tomorrow, with no boss! You can spend the day with your family or on the golf course… there’s nobody to tell you what to do.” A Multi Level Marketer may want his audience to feel the freedom ofContinue Reading

There was a time when a great website was key. As the internet developed, email marketing became an important addition. Today, you have to make sure your audience knows and trusts you. You must do this through the right content marketing mediums. How do you do that? By developing marketingContinue Reading