Burglars Beware

Orangeville, ON (Harold Doan and Sons Ltd.) Few homeowners bother about security until something happens to their house. This approach gives the burglars an upper hand. But there are many simple things to make our home safer.

Many local police services staff a crime reduction officer. They are available to give advice over the phone or may visit your home if they think it is necessary.

Good neighbours are an effective way to secure your home at the property line. Neighbourhood Watch turns on the senses of your neighbourhood. It shows great success in reducing property crime around the world.

As the risk and value of the objects inside the property increases, layer your security system. Force thieves to spend valuable time after entering the premises. Add more barriers to penetrate before they get to the reward.

Avoid routines that make it obvious you are away from home at specific times of the day or night. This may be a bit inconvenient. Try to be flexible in your routines when possible.

Whenever you are on vacation, check all the security systems/items are functioning. Also arrange for a neighbour to watch the house. Have your mail and newspaper delivery stopped. Arrange to have your yard maintained. This all will help to give your home a lived in look.

Planning and designing an effective security system is as much an art as science. More than anything else, it involves common sense. While there is a temptation to rely on high technology, try to keep it simple. The best security system gives equal importance to all types of security. The barrier being the leading one. Lights, sound, and surveillance can also add to your security.

Part of the fun of owning a home is experimenting. Keep your home a safe and better place to live, in this unpredictable, unsafe world. Make your home as attractive as you can to your friends and neighbours. You can still make it unattractive to intruders.

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