Order takers, salespeople, and subject-matter experts are the three main categories for earning money. Each category plays a distinct role in the customer journey, and understanding their differences is crucial for success in today’s competitive market. Order Takers: These professionals primarily focus on processing orders that come in without activelyContinue Reading

In the midst of economic challenges, it is reassuring to recognize that not all clients are negatively impacted by a recession. There are businesses that continue to thrive financially, presenting opportunities for big ticket sales offers. This is an important consideration for companies seeking to weather the storm and evenContinue Reading

Toronto, ON (CNW) PayPal Complete Payments launches today for small and-mid-sized enterprises in Canada, UK, and over 20 European markets. The solution enables small businesses in Canada to accept a range of payments including PayPal, Apple Pay®1, Google Pay™️2, credit and debit cards, and more than 20 alternative payment methods from around the world. SmallContinue Reading

One common objection that many potential customers often voice is, “I have more important things to do right now.” While it may seem like a significant barrier, this objection can be effectively overcome by making the deal so enticing that it becomes irresistible, prompting the customer to take immediate action.Continue Reading

Don’t be put off when a potential customer tells you that your product or service is too expensive. The truth is that most of your customers could afford to pay. It’s just that they are hoping to find a better deal somewhere else, or possibly, one which may offer themContinue Reading