Order takers, salespeople, and subject-matter experts are the three main categories for earning money. Each category plays a distinct role in the customer journey, and understanding their differences is crucial for success in today’s competitive market. Order Takers: These professionals primarily focus on processing orders that come in without activelyContinue Reading

The landscape of business and entrepreneurship is constantly evolving. As discussions with industry luminaries like Seth Godin and Clay Hebert have revealed, we find ourselves firmly planted in what is now termed the Connection Economy. This new paradigm emphasizes the importance of fostering relationships and forging connections over traditional asset-buildingContinue Reading

There is a simple yet powerful tip that applies to every market, regardless of the product or service being offered. This tip has proven to be a great motivator for businesses to try something new and has the potential to significantly boost customer acquisition and retention. Successful marketers understand theContinue Reading