New Community Improvement Plan (CIP) Unveiled by the Town of Orangeville

Orangeville, ON (Town of Orangeville) The Town of Orangeville has recently introduced a comprehensive Community Improvement Plan (CIP) aimed at fostering positive changes within the community. The plan encompasses a range of initiatives and financial incentives designed to support eligible property and business owners in enhancing the utilization and aesthetics of their properties within two specified Community Improvement Areas. By providing access to a total of eight distinct Financial Incentive Programs, the CIP seeks to stimulate economic expansion, promote sustainable development, and invigorate the overall landscape of Orangeville.

The primary objective of the CIP is to bolster economic growth while concurrently fostering sustainable development practices within the community. By doing so, the Town of Orangeville aspires to create an environment that is conducive to long-term prosperity and vitality.

The newly introduced CIP encompasses a diverse array of incentives, each tailored to address specific aspects of property and business improvement. These incentives are as follows:

  1. Comprehensive Façade Improvement Grant: This grant is designed to support property owners in enhancing the exterior appearance of their buildings, thereby contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of the designated areas.
  2. Landscape Improvement Grant: Aimed at promoting the enhancement of outdoor areas, this grant empowers property owners to invest in the beautification of their landscapes, contributing to a more visually appealing environment.
  3. Major Building & Conversion Grant: This grant is intended to facilitate significant building improvements and conversions, thereby modernizing existing structures and promoting adaptive reuse.
  4. Tax Increment Equivalent Grant (TIEG): By providing financial support equivalent to the increase in property taxes resulting from improvements, this grant encourages property owners to make substantial enhancements to their establishments.
  5. Planning Fees & Building Permit Grant: Property owners are eligible to receive support for planning fees and building permits, thereby alleviating some financial burdens associated with property enhancement initiatives.
  6. Accessibility Improvement Grant: Focused on fostering accessibility, this grant aims to support property owners in making their premises more inclusive and accommodating for all individuals.
  7. Industrial & Commercial Development Charge (DC) Deferral: This initiative allows eligible property owners to defer development charges, thereby providing greater financial flexibility for those seeking to invest in industrial and commercial ventures.
  8. Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Grant: By offering financial assistance for environmental site assessments, this grant encourages property owners to prioritize environmental considerations in their development projects.

With the launch of these Financial Incentive Programs, applications are now open for eligible property and business owners in Orangeville. Those interested in exploring the details and eligibility requirements of these programs are encouraged to visit the official website of the Town of Orangeville, where comprehensive information is readily available.

The introduction of the Community Improvement Plan by the Town of Orangeville represents a significant step towards fostering positive change and growth within the community. By providing these incentives, the town aims to empower property and business owners to actively contribute to the betterment of Orangeville, thereby creating a more vibrant and prosperous environment for all its residents.

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