telMAX – Canada’s Fastest Internet Service Now LIVE in Aurora!

Aurora, ON (CNW) Fibre internet service provider, telMAX announced today the connection of their inaugural customer to Canada’s fastest internet service in the Town of Aurora. 

telMAX, a locally based company headquartered in York Region, proudly serves the communities of Brooklin, Stouffville, Newmarket and now Aurora, offering a comprehensive suite of Internet, TV, Streaming, and Home Phone Solutions.

In a partnership effort between telMAX and the Town, ground was broken last October to initiate the build-out, extending telMAX’s 100% pure fibre throughout Aurora. The signs of progress, including construction crews at work, have been evident in the neighbourhoods across the town. The ongoing construction efforts, scheduled for completion in 2024, mark a significant milestone in providing state-of-the-art infrastructure that will redefine Internet connectivity for both residents and businesses in Aurora, boasting unparalleled speeds and exceptional local customer care.

“I’m so thrilled to welcome our inaugural Aurora family to the telMAX experience. We reiterate our commitment to delivering faster, more reliable, and affordable high-speed fibre internet access to communities, prioritizing local, superior customer service, without relying on federal subsidies. The support and cooperation we’ve received from the Town of Aurora and its residents has been remarkable. Since we announced our expansion into Aurora, we received an overwhelming response from residents signing up for our services in eager anticipation.” remarked Stuart Roberts, President and COO of telMAX. 

telMAX’s dedication to excellence has garnered recognition from PC Magazine for two consecutive years as the fastest internet service provider (ISP) in Canada. With ambitious growth and expansion plans, telMAX is committed to delivering 100% pure fibre to the home for residents in York Region and beyond.

“Partnering with telMAX on this transformative project, has been truly exhilarating. We understand the growing demand from residents and businesses for faster, more reliable Internet service in daily lives and firmly believe that telMAX will enrich our community for years to come,” stated Auora Mayor Tom Mrakas. “It’s a pleasure to welcome Chris, Chantal and their family as the first telMAX customers and look forward to continuing to strengthen the Town’s relationship with telMAX.”

About telMAX

telMAX, a locally based company headquartered in York Region offers Internet, TV and Home Phone services. telMAX has built its own 100% fibre optic network to serve the residents and businesses of Brooklin, Stouffville, Newmarket, Aurora, with more cities and towns to be announced in 2024. Using the latest available technology, the telMAX network is capable of delivering speeds up to 10 Gbps. telMAX proudly employs staff from the communities where it operates and is committed to supporting a wide range of community development activities in these towns including participation in events and shows. In 2022 and 2023 telMAX was recognized as the fastest Internet service provider in Canada following an independent assessment by PC Magazine.


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