Jatheon Technologies Adds Zoom Archiving to Jatheon Cloud

Toronto, ON (PRLog) This development marks a significant expansion in Jatheon’s capabilities, which already encompass a broad spectrum of business communication channels including email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Microsoft Teams, Bloomberg, WhatsApp, Google Chat, WeChat, and SMS. Jatheon allows organizations the flexibility to either integrate Zoom archiving with other data sources or to exclusively archive Zoom communications, depending on their specific needs.

Jelena Popovic, Jatheon Cloud Product Manager, emphasizes the strategic importance of this update: “With the integration of Zoom archiving, we are significantly enhancing our platform’s functionality. We also incorporated the archiving of messages exchanged between participants during these meetings, as well as default Zoom Messages. Zoom Webinars are on our roadmap.”

The launch of Zoom Archiving within Jatheon Cloud marks a significant advancement in Jatheon’s suite of solutions, offering a targeted and comprehensive approach to archiving for organizations. This innovation reflects Jatheon’s dedication to delivering specialized technology services that meet the strict demands of regulated industries, strengthen compliance measures, and elevate the standards of data management.

For more information, visit https://jatheon.com/products/cloud-email-archiving-solutions/.

Jatheon Technologies Inc. was founded in 2004 to help companies ensure email compliance and facilitate ediscovery and open data request management.
Today, Jatheon is a leader in the data archiving industry, with 11+ billion processed messages and top-rated cloud, virtual, and on-premise archiving solutions. The company continues to raise the bar throughout the industry with their AWS-based cloud archiving platform and best-in class technical support. In 2022, Jatheon was included in Gartner’s MQ for Enterprise Information Archiving, and continues to be listed in all major industry reports and software review platforms, with an average aggregated score of 4.9 out of 5.

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