AgapiK9 Pup Club 4-Week Training Program

Amaranth, ON (AgapiK9) AgapiK9 Dog Training is proud to present the AK9 Pup Club 4-Week Program, a comprehensive training course designed to set your puppy on the path to success. With a fee of $149, this program offers a valuable opportunity to invest in your puppy’s future.

The AK9 Pup Club 4-Week Program is tailored to provide essential training and education for your puppy. Each session is approximately 60 minutes in duration, with short breaks incorporated to ensure the comfort and engagement of both the puppies and their owners.

At AgapiK9 Pup Club, it is recognized that the early stages of a puppy’s life are crucial for their development. In fact, did you know that a puppy’s brain develops 80% by the age of four months? This underscores the significance of investing time and effort into your puppy’s education during this critical period.

The training sessions are led by experienced professionals who have firsthand knowledge of the impact of early education on a puppy’s behaviour. Through their real-world experience, they understand the importance of shaping behaviours to help you cultivate the ideal companion.

Setting You Up for Long-Term Success
By enrolling in the AK9 Pup Club 4-Week Program, you are not only investing in your puppy’s immediate development, but also laying the foundation for long-term success. The skills and behaviours instilled during these early stages can have a lasting impact on your dog’s future demeanour and adaptability.

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At AgapiK9, we take a unique approach to dog training. We firmly believe that there is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes educating dogs. Instead, we use a mix of time-honored and innovative techniques to help our furry friends grow and learn. Our focus is always on achieving results, and we are proud to boast a track record that demonstrates our unmatched success rate.

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