Businesses often find themselves reevaluating their advertising strategies. The prevailing belief is that advertising during a downturn yields less return on investment compared to periods of economic prosperity. However, a closer examination reveals that with the right approach, companies can still achieve significant results from their advertising efforts, even amidstContinue Reading

Orangeville, ON (Town of Orangeville) The Town of Orangeville has recently introduced a comprehensive Community Improvement Plan (CIP) aimed at fostering positive changes within the community. The plan encompasses a range of initiatives and financial incentives designed to support eligible property and business owners in enhancing the utilization and aestheticsContinue Reading

Toronto, ON (CNW) PayPal Complete Payments launches today for small and-mid-sized enterprises in Canada, UK, and over 20 European markets. The solution enables small businesses in Canada to accept a range of payments including PayPal, Apple Pay®1, Google Pay™️2, credit and debit cards, and more than 20 alternative payment methods from around the world. SmallContinue Reading

Toronto, ON (CNW) As the use of artificial intelligence (AI) increases, fraudsters are using it more and more in their scams, and Canadians are taking notice. According to RBC’s annual Fraud Prevention Month Poll, 75% of respondents are more concerned about fraud than ever before. Nine in ten Canadians also believe the use ofContinue Reading