Green Economy Canada Launches New Membership Tracks to Support Climate Action for SMEs

Waterloo, ON (CNW) Green Economy Canada has just launched two new membership tracks to make it easier for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to get on the path to a low-carbon future.

SMEs make up 99% of businesses in Canada and form the backbone of our economy in communities across the country. For Canada to hit its net-zero climate goals by 2050 and ensure it has a thriving economy, engaging SMEs in climate action will be critical. However, historically SMEs have been overlooked and under-supported in emission reduction efforts compared to large organizations, and many are unprepared for the global transition to net-zero. They also face greater capacity, knowledge and resource barriers to engaging in this work. Green Economy Canada is excited to leverage its decade of experience helping SMEs build sustainability into their operations to launch more accessible ways for them to get started on this journey. These offerings are made possible thanks to funding from Scotiabank.

It’s now easier for small and medium-sized businesses to get on the path to a low-carbon future with Green Economy Canada.Post this

The new “Discover” membership track provides an introductory, low-commitment option for organizations who want to learn how to green their operations and get plugged into a business community working towards a sustainable future. The “Insight” track builds on the Discover track by helping organizations measure their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as the first stepping stone on their emissions reduction journey. Both of these tracks complement Green Economy Canada’s established “Lead” track which provides in-depth and comprehensive support to help businesses become Green Economy Leaders in the net-zero transition.

“For over a decade, Green Economy Canada’s network has provided cost-effective, hands-on and practical support to help organizations of all sectors and sizes set and achieve their sustainability goals. However, we know that most SMEs in Canada don’t have climate action on their radar, don’t understand the growing costs of inaction, and are not prepared for the changes that are coming from the global transition to a net-zero world. These new membership offerings, developed thanks to funding from Scotiabank, will allow us to help more Canadian SMEs get on the path to building a future-ready business while accelerating progress on Canada’s climate goals.” – Priyanka Lloyd, Executive Director of Green Economy Canada

“As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting our clients, we’re pleased to work with Green Economy Canada to provide small and medium-sized businesses with access to resources to embark on their sustainability journey. Together, we’re committed to helping businesses navigate the path to a low-carbon economy.” – Robyn Chisholm, Vice President and Head of Commercial Banking in Western Canada at Scotiabank

To learn more about Green Economy Canada and the new ways for SMEs to get support to adapt and thrive in the low-carbon transition, contact Casey Sharp or visit

About Green Economy Canada

Green Economy Canada is a national non-profit accelerating Canada’s transition to a vibrant and inclusive net-zero future. We lead a network of Green Economy Hubs across the country that bring together, support and celebrate businesses taking action on climate change and building sustainability into their operations.

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