Manufacturing Community Insights Workshop to be held at E. Hofmann Plastics

Orangeville, ON (Orangeville Small Business Enterprise Centre) Dufferin County stands at a pivotal moment in its economic history. By creating its Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan, the County can help everyone grow together, make communities stronger, and leave a lasting legacy of good local development. This strategic move signals a commitment to not only enhancing the economic vitality of the region, but also ensuring that the benefits of growth are widely shared among all community members.

The collaborative approach adopted by Dufferin County is commendable. By partnering with local municipalities, the Dufferin Board of Trade, and Headwaters Communities in Action, the County is leveraging a wealth of local knowledge and expertise. The Community Insights Workshop Series epitomizes this collaborative spirit, inviting a diverse array of stakeholders to the table. From upper and lower-tier municipalities to local industries, not-for-profit organizations, and residents, the workshops are a melting pot of ideas and perspectives.

The Manufacturing Community Insights Workshop Series Session is a prime example of this inclusive approach. Scheduled for Wednesday, May 15th, 2024, at E. Hofmann Plastics in Orangeville, this session offers a unique platform for stakeholders in the manufacturing sector to voice their ideas, share their perspectives, and collaborate on shaping the economic future of Dufferin County.

The focus on manufacturing is strategic, recognizing the sector’s potential as a cornerstone of economic resilience and growth. By engaging directly with those at the forefront of the industry, the County can tailor its strategies to the real-world challenges and opportunities faced by local businesses. This hands-on approach is essential for developing practical, actionable strategies that will drive economic development in both the short and long term.

For those interested in participating or staying informed about the progress of Dufferin County’s Economic Development Strategy, the dedicated website provides a wealth of information and updates. The site serves as a hub for engagement, offering an accessible way for community members to contribute to the conversation and stay updated on upcoming events and milestones.

As Dufferin County embarks on this ambitious journey, the potential for transformative change is immense. With a clear vision for an inclusive and sustainable economic future, the County is not just planning for growth; it is nurturing the seeds of a thriving, resilient community for generations to come. The success of this endeavour will hinge on the continued engagement and collaboration of all stakeholders, making the Community Insights Workshop Series a vital component of this exciting economic evolution.

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